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Types of shrubs. What to choose

There are three types of shrubs for pregnant women – prenatal, postpartum and universal. The latter with the help of attachments can be made already or wider, adjusting under the enlarged or reduced abdomen. In turn, these three species are subdivided by form into bandage-belt, bandage-panties, and bandage-grace. Each of them is good in their own way and can suit different occasions.

Before buying a shroud, try it on to understand how comfortable you are in it to move and sit. If the shroud is too hard, don’t take it. This pressure can damage both the pregnant and the fetus.


bandage belt is better chosen by those who are not going to sit at home in the final months of pregnancy. It is easy to remove and put on without restricting freedom of movement.

Bandage panties are also quite comfortable and practically invisible under the clothes. The only problem is putting it on. To place it correctly on the body, it is necessary to draw it lying down. Which is problematic enough if a woman is at work or in a shop. Also, if you don’t put down regular underpants, the shroud will have to be washed every day.

Bandage grace supports the abdomen very well thanks to the wide straps in the shoulder area. But putting it on is also necessary to lie down, so most of all it will suit those who spend the last months of pregnancy at home.

If you feel dizzy while wearing a shroud, black dots will appear in your eyes – take it off and tell your doctor about it. Perhaps you should pick up another shroud.

Postpartum shrubs are most often performed in the form of a belt. They support the saggy belly well, helping the skin tighten up. This is especially important after having a caesarean section, during which the muscles are cut, and they need time to return to their previous shape.

When to buy shroud

Doctors recommend wearing a shroud after the twentieth week of pregnancy. Especially when the abdomen is large, the skin is prone to stretch marks or there is a risk that the fetus will take the wrong position.

Choose shroud should be based on the size of underwear, adding one. For greater convenience, many manufacturers point to the packaging not only the familiar symbols “S”, “M”, “L”, but also the size of the shroud in centimeters. It is enough to simply measure the volume of the abdomen to understand which product you need to purchase. Note the universal shroud with velcro fasteners. They can be used both before birth and after.

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