Mysterious places of Russia: the dancing forest to Ryazanyu

Similar fame is not accidental. People found themselves in such a forest complain of discomfort. According to legend, bizarre arboreal “figures” appeared after a bout of two witches. Pines almost at the base strongly deviate, tending then towards the sky. There are trees twisted into ram horn, and there are real arches made of trunks.

Amazing anomaly

Tourists often visit Shilovsky district to see an amazing natural phenomenon. Visitors feel like they’re caught up in a fairy tale. It is also surprising that curvolesie is surrounded by normal trees on view.

The trunks of dozens of pines are directed towards Oka, to the west. Another version states that the contortions of the river are parallel. The arcs end a couple of metres from the ground. Next, the barrel is flat. Not only pines, but birch trees were deformed. Plants planted half a century ago at the oak tree site.

There are proposals to make the witch forest a natural monument, including it in the regional list of natural heritage sites. The special commission will have to decide whether the amazing trees represent scientific value or not.

In the RSU named after Yesenin established on annual rings that since 1980 the pines grew correctly. This means that the factor, operating 5-6 years, to influence them then stopped. However, not all trees are unstraightened.

Hypotheses of origin

Scientists believe that drunk forest is a phenomenon usually. It is described in textbooks on forestry a century ago. Plots like this are not uncommon. The abnormality is concluded in an incomprehensible change in the life of the plant in a certain period. There’s no mysticism about it. For example, the growth point is damaged by insects, hurricane, ice rain. Unaccustomed people way trees just adjusted to tough conditions, no more.

Old-timers assure that the forest became unusual after the hurricane of 1971, strongly bent young trees. But, according to scientists, such a single impact could not give.

Biologists call the anomaly tropism directed growth relative to stimuli. After encountering this phenomenon, the tissues of the plants shift in its direction. When the irritant is weakened or terminated, normal growth is resumed.

Scientific versions

Often contortions cause powerful electromagnetic radiation. Only in Shilovsky district no energy source has been found. The anomaly is explained by an unknown geological fault.

According to the “theory of floyvun” curvolesie is the result of climatic reasons. Due to the abnormal humidity in the Seventies, young pines began sliding down a clay cushion with a layer of depleted sand. Wet snow complemented the picture by pushing on the trees from above. However, opponents of the theory believe that the center of radial contortion in the forest is not the only one

Whatever it is, locals actively attract tourists with stories of fabulous passavans roaming in the drunken forest , and witches hold their coven here.

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