Modern eco-bags

Unfortunately, we rarely think about the harm that plastic does to the environment. The small and handy package seems safe to us, but the problems it creates can lead to terrifying consequences. According to studies of environmentalists, more than a billion animals have died in the world, with undegradable packages and other types of packages, huge islands of garbage have been formed in the oceans, and plastic waste clogged waste collectors caused severe flooding in Bangladesh.$

Aware of this harm, people around the world are stopping using regular bags and switching to greener types of packaging such as cardboard, paper, bioplastic. Residents of Russia also have the opportunity to use household remedies that do not harm the environment. Ecobags are one of them.

Ecobags have long been familiar to the Russian consumer. One of the types of modern eco bags is the aeight, the very mesh bag in which our grandmothers carried products from the shop. Modern aocetics retained both the shape and colors of their predecessors. The thing is quite durable and roomy, and most importantly – decomposes very quickly in the soil, without harming the environment.

Another variety of eco bags are spanbond bags. Spanbond is a non-woven material that has good strength, breathability and can withstand repeated washing. Bags made of this material are often offered by Russian hypermarkets, as an alternative to packages, at quite a low price. Unfortunately, this thing has the property of stretching and quickly loses shape.

Fabric bags are also familiar to the layman. Many wore replacement shoes to school in rag bags. Currently, different types of fabrics are used to make such bags, unique designs and shapes are created, some models can replace even a lady’s handbag. Also became popular master classes, where you can create an author’s, unique and necessary in everyday life thing.

And, of course, a jute bag. In many ways similar to cloth, but has much more strength and convenience. Jute is beautiful in itself, so a bag made of this material does not need painting or drawing.

When choosing a bag, focus on the length of the handles, because of its large size, it is more convenient to wear on the shoulder.

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