Mirror as a gift – can or cant?

Due to the development of the market you can see a lot of beautiful mirrors on sale. Manufacturers made sure the mirror became a wonderful gift for mom, daughter or bride.

Although the symbolism of the mirror is ambiguous and culturally conditioned, it is considered a good sign to give a mirror to the bride for the wedding.
The symbolic meaning of the mirror is that it reflects the beauty of the person, both external and internal.

Mirrors have other symbolic meanings.

Mirror and literature

If you turn to literature, the writers have made an interesting contribution to the understanding of the mirror as some symbolic subject. One such author is Scotsman Robert Lewis Stevenson. In one of his short stories, titled “Markheim”, he depicts a mirror, as a symbol of time and aging. From the point of view of his hero, giving a woman a mirror is a bad reminder that over the years she will only get older and morass. Besides, the mirror he has is a symbol of vanity.

The mirror is present in Sylvia Plath’s poetry, symbolizing the man himself looking into it.

Good and bad superstitions

Another superstition suggests that until a child is a year old, he cannot be reflected in the mirror because he will start stuttering or even die, not living to the first anniversary.

Among the positive connotations of mirrors is the symbolism of money and wealth. The mirror in the house will make sure that the food and wealth in it is widowed.

Magic properties attributed to mirrors are often associated with their ability to predict the future.

Queen Elizabeth of England had a court magician and alchemist, John Dee, who used a mirror to perform prophecies. He allegedly predicted a plot against King James in 1605.

Not only mirrors, but any reflective surface in antiquity were attributed magical properties.

In ancient mythology, there are many stories of how gods and goddesses, as well as mere mortals, looked into still water to see the reflection of their fate.

The ability of reflective surfaces to record information and deceive is present in the myth of Narcissus and in the tale of Snow White.

The reflective surfaces of metal and mirrors were also used to derive messages from the world of the gods.

Spiritually, the mirror symbolizes contemplation.

Sometimes mirrors are used to perform meditation. They help better understand themselves.

Another symbolic meaning of the mirror is the reflection of truth.

Based on the symbolism of mirrors, we can conclude that these items are highly ambiguous. Such a gift is a very strong tool and a significant symbol. It all depends on what thoughts it is given and how it is perceived by the one who receives a mirror as a gift.

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