Leeches at home conditions

Girudotherapy in modern medicine has a special place. And not by accident. After all, with the help of a leech planted on a particular part of the body, a number of problems can be solved. For example, leech treatment is successfully used in cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, ulcer diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic hepatitis. Effective treatment of leeches and diseases such as chronic pancreatitis, skin and allergic diseases, eye problems, prostate and female genitourinary diseases, $ thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids, constipation, radiculitis, varicose veins, ENT diseases, vascular diseases, circulatory disorders. Good results give leeches in the treatment of fat, miomas and uterine polyps. The facts of use of leeches in complex treatment of drug dependence are also known.

Girudotherapy is not recommended for poor blood clotting, hemophilia, anemia, pregnancy, hemorrhagic diathesis, cancer, hypotonia and allergy to leeches.

Solving such a wide list of health problems is achieved through leeches saliva. The fact is that more than eighty different highly active biological substances are produced in the salivary glands of these bloodsuckers. The special enzymes contained in them prevent blood clots, improve metabolic processes in tissues, release the body from slags and toxins, promote tissue rejuvenation. And, accordingly, increase the body’s immunity and ability to resist a variety of diseases.

Leeches at home

Girudotherapy sessions can be performed not only in clinics, but also at home. But necessarily under the control of a girudotherapist. At the same time, you should remember that leeches are a strong agent, and you can use it for an independent solution only after consultation with a specialist who will determine your condition health and will assign how many leeches need to be put to solve a problem, and on which particular area.$

Another important point when using leeches: they should only be medical, purchased from the pharmacy, where they are supplied from specialized bio-factories. Only in this case will you be able to be sure of the safety and quality of the goods.

Sweetened water can be used as leech bait. Apply it to the place where the leech should be attached.

Leeches should be in a jar of clean, preferably filtered water.

Preparation for hirudotherapy

Before you start using leeches, it is necessary to prepare. In particular, pay attention to lifestyle and adherence to a special diet. So, for the time of hyrudotherapy it is necessary to refuse alcohol and cigarettes. Exclude greasy, sweet, spicy, savoury and fried dishes from the diet. The best option for this period is light or diet food. It is advisable to adhere to this diet regimen a week before and a week after the hirudotherapy sessions.

If you have any wounds, insect bites on your body, carefully treat them with disinfectant to keep the infection from spreading.

In no case use common swamp leeches for hydrudotherapy, as they can be a vector of various infectious and viral diseases.

During treatment with leeches, it is recommended to use more fluids, at least two to three liters per day. Be sure to include freshly squeezed beetroot juice in the diet. It is enough to drink at least half a glass of juice per day. It is also useful to drink non-carbonated mineral water with lemon juice. To do this, one lemon must be squeezed into one liter of water.

To eat when treating leeches you need porridge, best of all oatmeal or from a mixture of cereals. Be sure to add pieces of apple, orange, banana and other fruits to the porridge. You can also taste raisins, apricots, seeds and nuts.

Regular, at least once every two or three days, purifying enemas help the body cleanse faster, and, accordingly, increase the effect of leech treatments.

How to use leeches

Leeches do not like different flavors. Therefore, on the day of their installation should not take a bath, use soap, perfumed products for personal hygiene. The same applies to the person who will work with leeches. Also, the patient is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. 3-4 hours before the procedure of hirudotherapy, it is advisable to give up smoking.

Before putting the leech, you need to carefully treat the skin with medical alcohol, and then with cotton or gauze swab dipped in hot water, wash away the smell of alcohol, which can scare away leech. After that, the leech is taken with their bare hands so as not to be frightened, and put on the skin. Then immediately cover the leech with a clean glass or jar so it doesn’t run away. When the patient feels the bite, the jar can be removed. And leave the leech for 30-60 minutes. After that time, the leech will increase by about 2-3 times. It needs to be carefully removed and thrown away, and the place of the bite is disinfected.

Re-use of a leech for staging to another person is prohibited. Different leeching schemes are used to eliminate health problems.

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