Lake Koiash: an extraordinary attraction in Crimea

Modern photographers sometimes rebuke the use of photoshop: they get shots from Koyasha too unusual. But in reality the color of the water is the same as in reality.

Fantastic place

Located a pink lake in Crimea. In the extreme east of the peninsula, in the arid Kerch steppe, there is an amazing place, Lake Koyash. The name was derived from the word “koyash”, meaning “sun”. The water of the solar reservoir is very salty. Otherwise the lake is called Opuksky, according to the name of the mountain, where the attraction is located.

Despite the increased salinity in the body of water there is life. The salt concentration is much lower in spring. At this time, waterfowl arrive, for which local plankton is a real treat. With increased salinity, water becomes too aggressive for the feathered.

Fauna and flora

inhabit the depth of unicellular. The merit of microscopic algae and is an unusual color. Artemia crayfish, bacteria survive even in the summer period, when the lake dries almost completely and salt dust is spread for several kilometers by wind. The steppe is dying out at this time.

The depth of Kojáš Lake is small, about a meter. It occupies a landmark of 5 square kilometers. Once a body of water separated from the Black Sea. They are now separated by a hundred-meter isthmus.

Despite everything the body of water is surprisingly beautiful: corals, winding banks, rose water. Tourists like falling into a fantastic world. The shores of the reservoir are fragrant with violet. That’s the merit of salt crystallines. In spring, the natural chameleon is distinguished by the pink color of the water, and the banks are strewn with flowers. In summer, moisture takes on a rich red hue.

When to visit

In the autumn season there is nothing unusual in the landscape, because only during the algal bloom Dunaliella salina from late April to early June the body of water is transformed. With the rising water temperature, the moisture color becomes more intense.

Since 1998, the lake is part of the Opuk Reserve. The mud from the bottom of the tank is healing. It distinguishes its specific smell. Rapa, getting on the skin, positively affects the state of the whole body.

Treated with the help of dirt joint pain, skin diseases. The closest in the composition of rapeseed is to the Saka mud.

Rules of conduct

However, the wonderful place is far from harmless. The salt-saturated water caught on the wounds causes severe burning. The salt crust fails under the weight of the body, so the legs are viscous in the mud.

  • Without shoes to come to the lake is dangerous: there are a lot of sharp salt crystals at the bottom.
  • Only rubber shoes are laundered. On the soles of the sandals, traces of salt remain.
  • Touching the eyes and skin wet from lake water is unacceptable. With you must take a supply of fresh water.

To get quality art shots, take pictures better in clothes of light colors.

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