Kitchen cabinet cleaners


Food soda. With this powder you can wash glass and porcelain utensils, brush the stove and sink, drape the kettles, pans and pots to shine. Another plus of this remedy is that it softens water and removes unpleasant odors.


Lemon. This sour fruit can be used to rid kettles of scale and water sediment, and as a polishing and cleaning agent for copper products.


Salt. There is table salt, probably, in every house. It can be used not only as a spice, but also as a cleaning agent. For example, by combining salt with lemon juice, you can get a mixture to remove rust and copoti.


Vinegar. With the help of table vinegar you can remove fat and mold, it is used for cleaning surfaces in the bathroom, washing glasses and as a softener for tissues.


Boric acid. One of the universal cleaning products is boric acid. It can be used as household soap, as well as for cleaning wallpaper and painted surfaces.

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