Is it possible to gain weight from protein

What constitutes a protein?

Protein is essentially a concentrated protein. Humans are protein organisms, which is why all important metabolic processes, muscle growth and repair, hair occur precisely due to daily eating protein. Protein is found in products such as cottage cheese, meat, eggs, soybeans. As you can see, this list is very small, as in the main mass on the shelves of stores in a large assortment and in various forms are offered, most often, fats and carbohydrates. And meanwhile, on a day, an average weight person is advised to consume 90 to 120 grams of pure protein.

That’s roughly 600 grams of cottage cheese or 500 grams of chicken breast daily.

Other foods contain much less protein. If you take into account that in one meal in the human body no more than 30 grams of protein is absorbed, it turns out that adherence to the correct diet regime at the modern pace of life actually turns into problem. This is especially true for people playing sports and wanting to have beautiful, relief muscles. After all, for their “construction” to consume protein even more! Correctly organize your diet and at the same time do not fixate on one only your diet can be only with the help of protein.

Is it realistic to gain weight from protein consumption?

If by weight set you mean “ceiling”, you certainly have to realize that this is most likely impossible. On the contrary, a lot of popular and effective diets are protein (e.g., Kremlin diet, cosmonaut diet, BUCH, Japanese diet and many others). The protein is thought to overclock metabolism and all metabolic processes. With a lack of complex carbohydrates in the diet, the body is forced to obtain energy by splitting its own fat. Among athletes such a nutrition system as “drying” is popular. It is also protein.

Muscles “dry” and become more relief due to the withdrawal of excess fluid and the reduction of the subcutaneous fat layer. All this is an exceptional credit to squirrel.

But don’t think about the fact that once you start consuming protein, muscles will start growing like on yeast. It’s not. Muscles grow and develop only through gym workouts. You won’t build muscle mass if you just drink protein. It would be too easy. Only properly composed training complex and nutrition regimen contribute to the growth of human muscle mass.

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