Is it harmful to sleep in lenss

Types of contact lenses

There are several types of lenses: daily, monthly replacement, for three months and more. Most are for day wear, meaning they need to be removed before bed at most after fifteen hours of wear. The instructions to the lenses are necessarily written about the mode of wearing them, even if the doctor told you that in these lenses you can walk for several days without removing, and the instructions indicate otherwise, follow instructions, otherwise eye health problems may appear. Do not risk the health of your eyes, even if you did not have a container of solution before bedtime. Better to buy new lenses than treat the effects.

There are longed-wearing lenses that can not be removed for a long time: for example, five-day or week-long. They are produced by Bausch&Lomb and Ciba Vision. Ophthalmologists do not recommend using them without the need, but if you choose them, you should not wear lenses during the entire period specified on the package, without removing even overnight. Allow your eyes to rest at least while sleeping, it is advisable to do so once every few days.

Using such lenses for the first time, increase the time of wearing gradually, starting from two to three days.

Harm from sleep in lenses

Even if contact lenses are designed for constant day and night wear, that doesn’t mean they’re not have a harmful effect on the eyes. Despite the advent of modern materials with increased permeability for oxygen, being “breathable” 100%, as the advertisement says, lenses cannot. They delay some of the oxygen, as a result the eyes begin to dry, there is a burning sensation, unpleasant sensation.

When asked whether it is harmful to sleep in lenses, it is necessary to consider not only the type of lenses, but also the condition of the person’s eyes. Depending on the amount of protein in the tear, on the health of the eyes, on their sensitivity sleep in the lenses has different effects. Some people do not notice the presence of a foreign body in the eye and even after days of continuous wear do not experience discomfort, others even in the highest quality, “breathable” modern lenses for prolonged wear cannot sleep without unpleasant sensations.

If you felt pain in the eye, dryness, burning, noticed redness of the eyes, immediately remove the lenses.

Environmental conditions, humidity and cleanliness of the room in which a person sleeps, and other factors also influence how the lens has on the eyes.

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