Is it harmful to listen to music in headphones?

Why are they harmful

When we listen to regular music from speakers, speakers, TV and the like external sources, the sound first hits the ear shell, which from nature is a great resonator. Due to this, sound waves are amplified and adjusted naturally. The

harm of headphones is not due to the fact that a device is placed in the ears. After all, the same earbuds or noise-proof headphones are not considered dangerous. The sound transmission itself, especially the loud one, has unpleasant consequences.

However, when using headphones, especially so-called “plugs”, the sound does not naturally amplify and the player owner adjusts volume level is already at its discretion. However, due to the fact that initially we usually want to turn on music louder, we exceed the permissible noise standards, and as a result, very quickly — just in a few days — you can quite reduce acuity of your own hearing. The

added harm from earbut-plugs is that uncontrollable pressure is created on the ear conch. Before this pressure, coupled with prolonged intense noise exposure, the human ear is completely defenseless, because the natural hearing aid “includes the option” of self-defense against short rumble, but not from constant loud noise.

How to avoid the harmful effects of headphones

Physicians usually give some simple recommendations that will help keep hearing while using headphones.
1. You should carefully control the volume level in your headphones and try to always make the sound “slightly quieter”.
2. It’s best to avoid tab-headphones because they are most harmful to human hearing.
3. You need to say a few words aloud to determine whether the sound is coming from the headphones at a valid volume level. If your own voice is not heard because of the headphones, it is better to make it quiet.

Restoration of lost hearing is a long, expensive and painful process, it will be necessary to undergo many pricks and other procedures. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the danger that the harmless headphones carry in themselves.

4. Otolaryngologists usually advise listening to audio files via headphones for no more than one hour per day.
5. It is very good for hearing and ear health to listen to music not through headphones, but from external sources, and it is necessary to develop in yourself such a useful habit.

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