How you can pass a paternity analysis

How to properly carry out the preparatory phase

If you decide to carry out such a procedure, it is necessary to stock up on official documents: passport, $ medical records, birth certificate of a minor child and insurance policy.$ Take into account financial opportunities, as the cost of genetic expertise is not less than twenty thousand rubles and depends on the rates of your chosen medical institution. It takes about a month to process the results, unless you make an additional payment for urgency.

Biological material should be obtained as well. In this you can be assisted by the clinic workers, but often you have to engage in such a fee on your own – if it is impossible to take the child for the procedure or go there yourself. Then you by means of remote communication will explain how you need to act. For example, the epithelium on the inside of the cheek, blood, hair with a preserved bulb and recently trimmed nails are suitable. In case of a negative answer, the probability of the test is 100%, and the positive result is 99.9%.

Establishing paternity of an unborn child

There is a possibility of establishing paternity even when the infant has not yet emerged. At the same time, the accuracy of the expert opinion remains almost unchanged, decreasing by slight hundredths of a fraction. The procedures prescribed for the study differ at different stages of pregnancy. The main ones can be: extraction of blood from the umbilical cord, consideration of a sample of near fetal waters and biopsy of the fetus shell.

However, here without the consent of the mother, because she will have to undergo the inconvenience associated with medical examinations. The likelihood of fetal damage and harm to the female body is low, but it is present. This is why it is recommended to postpone such manipulations until the birth of

For what it is necessary

Such radical measures to establish the truth sometimes need a man for a sense of confidence in himself, his family and offspring. Sometimes appropriate reasons and real grounds are added to these factors, giving reason to question the loyalty of one’s halves.

But there is also an official need to conduct DNA text — as part of legal proceedings. At the same time, the alleged father should not refuse examination — otherwise, in accordance with Part 2 of Article 79 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, “when evading the party from participation in the examination, the court has the right to recognize the fact, for which examination was appointed, established or refuted”. Similarly, a potential father has the right to require the child’s mother to establish the truth through a judicial process. Importantly, only court-appointed expertise will have legal consequences. If you chose a medical institution smugly, the court will not take into account its conclusion.

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