How to write a write-reason

Learn a topic

An important step when writing a coming-reasoning is a detailed study of the topic. You have to be very well informed, otherwise it will be impossible to make up a reasoned, holistic text. Use books, internet and other sources to get the most information for your upcoming work.

Main thesis

Make up the main statement around which your reasoning will develop. The statement should be clear and as specific as possible, avoid vague language.

When writing the text of the essay, you will need to strictly adhere to your thesis. Otherwise, your narrative will lose logic and integrity.


In the preface to your composition, describe the theme of the story in common words, then gradually move to the statement of your thesis ( approvals). Here you can write the main stages of your future reasoning. Depending on the volume of the entire essay, the text of the introduction may take up from one paragraph to several pages.

The main text

of your essay should be divided into several parts, each of which will represent another stage of reasoning. The transition from one stage to another should be logical and understandable to the reader. The reasoning itself can be constructed in many different ways, for example, a large number of different examples can be used in the text (including quotations from primary sources).

Try to write only on the case, do not go away from the basic idea of composing. If you need to emphasize any facts, don’t do it at the expense of repetitions of the same thoughts.


Summarizing your work, you need to once again go through all its main points, briefly repeat the important stages of the composition and show how they are consistent with each other. The conclusion should contain the final summary of your reasoning.


Having finished writing a write-reasoning, re-read your work again. Check her for logical errors in your reasoning. If you find contradictions in them, look for causal connections between the stages of reasoning. Check the text for grammatical and spelling errors, it’s a must for any similar work.

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