How to wash a hookah

You’ll need
  • – Ersch for mine;
  • – Orsch for flask;
  • – Soda.

Disassemble the hookah into the main components: bowl, flask, tube and shaft. This list may also include additional accessories like an ash dish.


First thing you need to clean the bowl. Rinse it well first with water. Then apply soda and wipe all available places, both from the outside and from the inside. You have to get rid of all the tobacco sticking to the bowl.


Skip water through the hookah shaft. Then apply the soda to the earsh and wipe it well. After pumping the soda into the mine and start cleaning it out with the help of the ersh. Take a look inside. There should be no extra small particles inside.


Rinse the tube. To do this, draw water there and intensely twist it. Release one end into the sink and let the water drain along with the mud, then blow out the leftovers. Repeat the procedure until the water is transparent.


Pour inside a flask of soda and pour a little water. Then walk through the walls, removing all contamination. Repeat until the foul smell is gone.

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