How to use kinesis in Dead Space

Dead Space Dead Space

– a game in the genre of sci-fi horror that appeared relatively recently and already has several sequels. The play tells the story of Isaac Clark’s life – a technique on a spaceship. They are sent in response to a signal for help that came from one of the ships in open space. After the team by the repairman arrives to the ship, incomprehensible things begin to happen. The first thing that happens is the wreck that Clark’s team ship is tolerating. The plot begins to gradually develop and the team learns that there is no one on the ship except necromorphs – creatures that appeared as a consequence of the epidemic. Only three crew members remain alive, including Isaac Clark. They try to fix their shuttle, but after it explodes, they have to sink deeper into the bowels of the ship “Ishimura” and explore it to get out. The

virtues and possibilities in Dead Space

This plays has many different virtues. First of all, it is necessary to say about its technical execution. Graphics and sounds do their thing. The atmosphere is achieved extraordinary and the player seems that he really is practically alone on a huge ship that is teeming with monsters. The game intelligence of monsters does not differ originality, but they are able to scare very well, and this tension will hold during the entire passage of the game. It should be noted that unlike most fantastic works, the protagonist of the game Dead Space does not have any special skills or weapons. Everything to primitive is simple – in order to cope with monsters he uses a cutter and various machine guns. In addition to this, it has several innovative solutions – stasis and kinesis modules. It is worth noting that some players do not understand how to work with them and get stuck on the passing game.

Kinesis module – a device with which the player has the ability to raise and throw various objects. This possibility comes not at the very beginning, but a little further. In order to raise some object, you need to press the “F” button with the help of the pointed weapon (right-click) on the target. Once you lift the object, you can throw it. Does this by clicking the left mouse button.

Stasis module is a device that allows you to slow down enemies and other items. It can be used almost from the beginning of the game. Once the player is given this opportunity, it is only necessary to right-click on the target and press the “C” key, after which the object you have directed will freeze. In order to use this module, it is necessary to assemble special batteries. Without them, it won’t work.

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