How to use an on-board computer


Use a special diagnostic pad connector to connect the on-board computer to the diagnostic system car. The computer has a special connector corresponding to the car. Please note that special adapters are used to connect some devices. If the adapter is not available, read the instructions to the on-board computer to connect the power wires and the diagnostic line directly.


Start setting up your on-board computer. As soon as you turn on the ignition and start the car’s engine, the reading will begin to be displayed on the electronic control unit. Typically, the computer has two modes of operation: installation and custom.


Specify the display settings in settings mode. To do this, define the type of control unit and select it from the list as the primary or specify automatic selection by the computer. Specify the fuel quantity and consumption mode in the tank. You can choose automatic control unit definition or manual, where you will create a flow table and log data into it yourself, and the on-board computer will determine the desired indicators and display on display.


Select in user mode the settings to be displayed on the screen. This depends on the available features of the instrument. An important parameter is the switching temperature of the engine cooling fan. Also set the current time and suitable screen highlight brightness.


Learn from the instructions where the toggle keys on the display of the on-board computer are located. Usually the switches are in the display area of the device and handlebars. A short push enables switching between parameters, and a long one resets them.

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