How to turn a cover

You’ll need
  • – old car tire;
  • – boot knife;
  • – metal scissors;
  • – soap solution;
  • – angular grinder.

Prepare the tire and all necessary materials. From the tools you will need a sharply sharpened boot knife and an angle grinder. To make flowerbeds it is better to take a tire of imported production. Unlike domestic tires, imported are much more elastic, so they are easier to turn out.


With a boot knife, trim the tire on the middle line of its work surface. To make the future flower bed have a more attractive look, you can cut your workpiece not longitudinally, but zigzag. So you can get beautiful triangular petals. But you may well supplement the tire with curly slotting and after the main pruning. Choose the option that seems less time-consuming to you.


To keep the work going faster, periodically wet the knife in a soap solution. Cutting the tire until the knife touches the metal cord. To turn the tire out is easier, trim the cord with metal scissors or an angle grinder. The latter option would significantly speed up the work.


Cuts on the metal cord make about 15 cm apart. Gently enter the cutting disc into the cover and press the tool until sparks emerge from the disk.


When all the work of trimming the tire is finished, proceed to turn the tire out directly. Turn out the product in small parts, gradually increasing the release surface of the tire. This work is very time-consuming, requiring patience and neatness. When the tire is rolled out by about half, try to apply a more significant force and turn it out completely.


Having finished the process, examine your creation. As a result, you should get a semblance of a deep bowl having a wider upper part framed by triangular petals. Now paint this bowl with a color appropriate paint and set it in your chosen place as a flower bed.

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