How to treat vaccinations

Law and vaccinations

 Some doctors suggest the issue of vaccinations to be decided at the level of the law. There were offers to treat patients who didn’t get vaccinated, for a fee. That is, if during the flu epidemic a person fell ill and came to the hospital for help, he must confirm that he was inoculated. Otherwise, the treatment of it will be paid. So far such a proposal in Russia has not received approval, but it does not mean that the issue is resolved.

Refusal to inoculate

In part 1 Art. 5 of the Federal Law “On Immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases” states that in Russia there is no forced vaccination. Any citizen has the right to decide whether to inoculate him or not. No one has the right of an adult or child to be forced to do a vaccination

There are preventative vaccinations and those included in the national calendar. They are made in medical institutions of the country absolutely free of charge. But, if a citizen for any reason (distrust of the domestic manufacturer, for example) is inoculated in a private clinic, then there is hardly anyone who can give him a guarantee on the absence of side effects from imported vaccine, even though it can cost a lot of money. In such cases, if the medical institution does not provide a guarantee, and the client does not have trust, it is more reasonable to skip vaccination.

Anti-vaccinations There

are people who categorically don’t get vaccinated. Parents who refuse to inoculate children, fearing for their children, are convinced that vaccinations can only hurt them. Although years of experience proves otherwise. Many of them succumb to the opinion of those anti-grafters who prove their right in different public sources. In this matter, someone else’s opinion can hurt. It is up to the parent to decide this issue himself, as only he is responsible for his child.

Adult antivaccinators without getting vaccinated can face many problems. For example, by arranging for a job, they may have difficulties with the registration of a medical book. Especially this will affect those people who will arrange to places where work is connected with products (shops, catering places, etc.). And that’s not the only problem.


Speaking of vaccinations and those who do them, and who oppose them, can be concluded: given the number of different diseases and their consequences, it can be said that the probability of getting sick and getting complications from the disease is much higher than getting a complication by getting vaccinated.

To choose and decide to each himself as the law recommends. But, in any case, the decision should be made on the basis of the overall picture and situation. Not to lean on the opinions of individuals.

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