How to take care of a child




child’s needs are almost the same as that of an adult. He wants to sleep, eat, go to the toilet and spend his free time interesting. But only the energy supply he has huge, and the ability to come up with classes is a little limited. Yes and perform even elementary actions not every kid can. It depends on age and upbringing. It turns out that with him constantly need to be close, to help him even in basic things.


Proper nutrition is very important at any age. There are special recommendations for children what when and in what amount you need to eat. It is advisable to cook something fresh every time. And doctors highly recommend giving up semi-finished products, and preparing food yourself to understand what components are included in it. This avoids the occurrence of diathesis, allergic reactions.


A child under 7 should sleep in the afternoon. He needs not 8 hours of rest as an adult, but a little more. Therefore, kindergartens have a quiet hour. It is important to ensure that the amount of sleep is sufficient, the schedule for which the baby falls asleep daily at the same time is maintained.


Child development takes place in the process of playing. He can draw, build something out of toys, play out situations from life. In this process, he learns basic skills that will come in handy in life. Therefore, you need to come up with classes that contribute to gaining new skills. Check out the exercises that are designed for a specific age. They will give the opportunity to improve memory, develop fantasy and learn to navigate life circumstances.


The child should breathe fresh air. Regular walks in the street are a must point in the care of the baby. You need to pick up the right clothes so that it is neither cold nor hot, pack up and spend some time on the air. In summer walks can be very long, at other times of the year it is important not to freeze, so 30-40 minutes a day can be quite enough.

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