How to take an autograph from a celebrity

You’ll need
  • – a marker or pen,
  • – a notebook or other item on which you want to have an autograph.

Visit an event whose hero is your idol. If it’s an artist, the handing out of autographs after the concert has long since become a peculiar part of the program. What can’t be said about athletes. For example, to approach a player before or after a match, it will be necessary to catch a moment. Most athletes will respond positively to your treatment, some clubs even have a tradition of handing out player signatures after a match. It will not be difficult to take an autograph from the writer or artist, coming to the presentation of the book or the opening of the exhibition. The advantages of this method are obvious: the star in this situation is psychologically ready for your request, because it is in the center of attention. Often you do not have to say anything, it is enough to wait for your turn for a cherished signature. A focused approach to the case allows you to think about where you want this signature to be flaunted.


Another option, gaining more popularity recently and distinguished by the above pros — autograph session. Learn about the time and place of organized distribution of autographs by a person whose talent you are, and just come — you will be waiting there.


Don’t get lost and feel free to approach if your encounter with a celebrity is a fluke. And at the same time remember that in the shop or on the walk you, on the contrary, are not waiting, so it is necessary to act quickly, i.e. to quickly orient, than on what to sign and how to address to a famous person. It is better to prepare in advance for this situation not very long and if possible not corny compliment and go to your request, saying, for example, that you are doubly pleased to have an autograph, obtained under such unusual circumstances.$


Increase your chances of meeting the star by walking or waiting in the area of where she presumably appears. It can be a hotel, training base, beauty salon, etc. If you are lucky, do not forget about speed and be guided by asking for autograph, rules of culture of communication and not be too intrusive. Even if you are refused, there will be something to be comforted: you tried hard and did everything right, and failure is therefore dictated by external reasons beyond your control. More often, however, the request for an autograph is viewed favorably and even stars, coolly referring to fans and the press, rarely refuse, realizing that their popularity ultimately depends on it.

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