How to stop yawning at work

Stop yawning and feeling cheerfulness again isn’t that hard, especially if a person is working at home or at least in a separate room. In this case, the range of means to combat yawning, constant fatigue and headache may be more diverse. But in the office, where maybe even breaks are scheduled by minutes, to give yourself at least a little time is problematic. But nothing is impossible.

Change the setting to stop yawning

Often a person starts actively yawning in a stuffy room, in the absence of oxygen. If there is an opportunity, it is good to go out for a few minutes for fresh air or at least just air the room – it will help to cheer up.

Strong coffee is also rightly considered one of the most effective stimulants of performance.

Excessive coffee consumption is undesirable. It’s better to limit his consumption to a couple of cups a day.

Why not have a coffee pause? And enhance the invigorating effect will help dark chocolate and… a fun story. Laughter is a very good means to cope with fatigue and drive away sleep.

Bright lighting will also help you feel invigorated and workable. Not bad, if there will be a bright object in sight. It could be a wardrobe detail, a funny trinket on the table. A catchy color spot will allow you to concentrate better.

You can drive away sleep with cold water. Of course, taking a shower in the workplace is impossible, but holding your hands under a cool jet is quite real. Those who do not use cosmetics can wash their face, neck – and get a powerful charge of vivacity.

Simple actions driving a yawn You can perform a

complex of exercises in the middle of the office at the height of the working day, it does not relieve fatigue.

Short-term physical activity can significantly improve performance.

Not coincidentally earlier on radio were transmitted complexes of production gymnastics. But there are exercises that can be done quite quietly in the workplace without attracting the attention of colleagues.

1. Raise your palm with your fingers.
2. Rub your cheeks with your hands in the down-up direction.
3. Intensively knead the ear shells
4 with your fingers. Massage your forearms vigorously with your hand, slightly clenched into your fist.
5. Three times carefully press with your thumb and index finger on a point just below the cadyk.
6. Grope a ripple of blood on your neck and gently press the point with your finger for 5 seconds. Make 2 times left and right side.
7. Place your thumb in a spoon at the base of your skull, press for 3 seconds. Do thrice.

These simple manipulations will help the body mobilize. If after their execution a pleasant wave of heat spills over the body, the goal is achieved. Now you can start working with new forces again. And no yawn!

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