How to restore an erection

You will need
  • – walnuts; – honey;
  • Vibrostimulant Viberect

There are many reasons that are capable of disrupting male power. It can be lingering stress or incorrect parenting style in the family, inappropriate behavior of the partner. But the most common of them: urethritis, prostatitis, alcohol intake, drugs, a number of drugs, failure in the work of the endocrine system, problems of the cardiovascular system. And the age factor doesn’t matter much, as some believe. When maintaining and maintaining health, male hormone levels and erectile function persist until old age. So the problem with potency is not from the years lived, but from the number of diseases.


To determine exactly what has led to a decrease or loss of erection, you should contact a specialist and undergo a complete examination of the body: pass tests for hormones, examine the cardiovascular system, consult a cardiologist, therapist and neurologist. Depending on the results, start treatment.


Use special equipment. Today, you can cope with erectile dysfunction at home. Created by American physicians Viberect helps:

1.with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction;
2.after removal of the prostate;
3.after stroke or spinal injury.

The device is widely used by andrologists in clinics in the USA, in our country is just beginning to gain popularity. However, Russian doctors are already leaving good reviews about Viberect. The device allows not only to restore an erection, but also to conceive a child in cases where the patient has lost the ability to ejaculate.


Dramatically change your diet, because people eat a large amount of absolutely unnecessary foods that are harmful to the body. Sweets, quick-soluble soups, fast food and fried potatoes. The language will not turn to call such food useful, and the body will repay diseases. Include parsley and celery, cinnamon, ginger, vegetables, seafood, fruit, fish on the menu.


It is possible to use traditional medicine recipes that will help restore erections. Take half a cup of peeled walnuts, scroll them through a grinder or grind in a blender. Mix nuts with natural bee honey in equal proportions. The prepared mixture should be taken one tablespoon three times a day (half an hour after the meal). The course is four weeks. Using such a simple and delicious recipe will help you regain male strength quite quickly.


A good effect on potency has a contrasting shower. Take it every time before bed, while trying not to make big temperature changes. After the shower, rinse the body with a towel until the appearance of redness. Start exercising, sedentary work and passive lifestyles affect blood stasis in the pelvic area. Walking barefoot has a beneficial effect on potency.

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