How to relieve tension and stress

Due to the strain of mimic musculature during the working day, the head starts to become heavy and sore, which can lead to stress and tension. To get rid of this girls are best for 10-15 minutes to comb their hair, and men have a light facial massage. It will relax the muscles and disperse the blood.

To get rid of tension, you need to eat something containing omega-3 acids that have beneficial effects on the nervous system. An excellent option is oily sea fish. If you don’t like sea food, you can taste a banana or ice cream. These products do fine with the role of antidepressants.

There is another way to relieve tension and stress. Struggle to start rubbing your palms against each other until they get hot. This will allow you to relax and distract for a short time. The same can be repeated with ears. With this exercise you will cheer up as blood flow to your head will increase. This is the most work-appropriate way.

If you are at home, then relieve tension and stress will help you shower. Warm jets should massage shoulders and head. Imagine that water takes away all your experiences. Don’t think bad. Soon the tension and stress will disappear.

Try applying one Eastern wisdom. According to her, to get rid of any negative thoughts it is necessary to move 27 things in the house. This is thought to make room for energy. During such a reshuffle, your thoughts will be freed from the shackles of negativity.

Also good with tension and stress struggles intense jog. Run for 1 minute up and down the stairs. Your muscles will come in tone and all the negativity will go away. You will be able to focus better on work and become more efficient.

Stress is perfectly destroyed with paints. Spend 5-10 minutes decorating some extraordinary pictures. It is believed that creativity helps overcome most psychological problems. That is, it is not necessary to draw exactly. You can compose music, write lyrics or do knitting. It’s not going to take much time, 15-20 minutes at most. Creativity helps to focus better on the tasks set, which means that the work will be done faster.

Quickly relieve nervous stress will help tea with hibiscus. Due to the concentration of free radicals, the human condition begins to deteriorate gradually There is even a slight possibility of panic coming. Hibiscus tea keeps free radicals from concentrating. This can be compared to thinning. One cup lets you relieve nervous stress and relieve you of lethargy.

If the problem of nervous stress lies in the fact that the muscles of the shoulder girdle, lumbar sacral and neck have lost elasticity, normal exercise will be the best solution to the problem. Regular tennis or swimming will allow your body to always be in touch. At work and at home you can apply some simple exercises, like rotation by hands.

Nervous stress perfectly removes cleaning. By laying things out in the right order, the brain concentrates and eliminates all negative thoughts. In addition, the order creates an interesting psychological effect — the organization is carried on human behavior, which allows faster coping with the intended goals. At work, it’s especially important.

To quickly relieve stress and tension, free your head from unnecessary thoughts for exactly one minute. Focus on breathing. Imagine inhaling clean energy and exhaling all the negative that has accumulated inside you. Turn on your favorite music, eat something delicious. Write down a list of all your goals, mark. In general, try to relax as much as possible.

Aromatherapy also allows you to quickly cope with tension and stress. Find and acquire a fragrance that reminds you of pleasant moments. Once you feel your mood deteriorating, be sure to sniff it. If you are at home, you can dial an aromatic bath. You can also buy scented candles and arrange them throughout the apartment.

Dance more often. Any rhythmic movements do great with stress. Our subconscious perceives dancing as entertainment, and therefore will allow the body to relax. This is their main difference from any physical training. Usually you have to force yourself to start doing, and here there is no internal resistance. Just turn on some energetic music and give it to rhythms.

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