How to pull a ticks head

You will need
  • – tweezers;
  • – metal loop;
  • – gauze;
  • – thread;
  • – alcohol;
  • – needle.



the hooked parasite must be removed, and the insect must be extracted together with the head and the hobot. In pharmacies sell special tweezers, which are very convenient to extract absorbed ticks, without leaving the head of the insect. The tick needs to be sandwiched between the teeth of the tweezers, after which the insect spins out. There are also special metal loops that screw over the tick and rotational motions extract it.


If you do not have a special device, and go to the pharmacy is not possible, you can pull the tick with the help of regular tweezers. Grab the insect as close to the head as possible and scroll the tick around the axis, holding the tweezers while perpendicular to the skin.


You can extract the mites with your fingers, however, before you proceed with this procedure, wrap them with gauze. After all, ticks are vectors of many infections. As with tweezers, one should grab the insect as close to the head as possible and turn it.


Conveniently extract the tick along with the head using a thread. Tie the knot as close to the insect’s hiatus as possible, and after that, swaying and pulling the thread, slowly pull out the parasite.


If, despite your best efforts, the tick head is still left in the skin (it looks like a black dot at the bite site), it is necessary to extract it. Treat the skin with alcohol, leak the needle over the flame and also disinfect it. With the help of a needle, get the head of the insect as if you were extracting a skid.

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