How to prepare for the holidays

Holiday Prep The first thing

you may need is a pen and a miniature notebook. In it you will write down the addresses of those stores where you can purchase the necessary products and accessories for the party. In addition, you must include a guest list in the notebook. How is the list drawn up? It is desirable that it should have equally male and female persons, so that no person is left unheeded.

Some specialists also recommend inviting those with little knowledge of each other.

Now you have to work out a sample menu. Creates a list of dishes that will be served to the festive table, based on who exactly will cook them. If meals are ordered at the nearest restaurant or café, the festive menu should be created taking into account the restaurant’s list of dishes. If you plan to cook yourself or with friends, chances are you will only put on the menu the dishes you do best. When composing the menu, you should also take into account the wishes and tastes of all those invited, so that no one leaves after the holiday hungry and dissatisfied. Someone loves meat products, someone is vegetarian and only feeds on salatiks and boiled potatoes, someone does not tolerate mushrooms or oranges, and someone will want to taste original desserts. In general, all of this must be taken into account.

When preparing for the holiday, do not forget about festive attire for yourself. You can’t show up in a bathrobe or other homemade clothes in front of guests, can you? If you will act as the hostess of the evening, the clothes should be not only outfits, but also comfortable, as you will have to constantly move around, change dishes on the table, approach guests so that they didn’t get bored, dance, etc.

How you are going to decorate your house should think through. This point you have to think through to the smallest detail.

What should you still write into your notebook? Naturally, you have to think about how much you can spend on the holiday, and make all expenses subject to the limit.

You also have to record the sequence of all actions, as well as the time you can spend executing each item. This will allow you to cover some time for yourself.

The saved time you can use to relax or go to the beauty salon.

Holding the holiday

So, the table is covered, the room is decorated, guests on the approach, you are painted, your hair style is well laid, the outfit is good. Should you relax? Of course not. That’s where the most interesting thing starts. First, you have to sit down all guests so that no one is bored: it is desirable that people with any common interests sit nearby. Next, you must regularly inspect the room for bored guests. If you see any “lean” facial expression, be sure to approach its owner and talk it, then bring it down to the rest of the guests, offer any dishes. In general, sit still and rest you don’t have to. To make guests even more fun, include music, organize some games appropriate to the age of the guests.

If you implement at least partially these recommendations, it is likely that all guests will have a long time with great pleasure to remember the holiday and the fun hostess. However, few people will think about how hard it was for you to spend the holiday.

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