How to make soap bubbles at home

How to cook soap bubbles at home? Soap bubble contests.

Soap bubble-entertainment that both children and adults like. On any holiday or just on holiday you can arrange a soap show, from which everyone present will be delighted. But often buying ready-made soap bubbles is very expensive. Why not make them with their own hands at home? What would it take for that?

  1. Cleanser (eg fairy, but not dishwashers)
  2. Glycerin (sold in pharmacy, inexpensive remedy)
  3. Water
  4. Two tablespoons sugar

You need to take a suitable container, pour 2 cups of cold water, half a cup of detergent, 1-2 tablespoons of glycerol (if not, you can add 2 tablespoons of sugar instead), all stir, but gently, slowly, not to form a lot of foam, try blowing bubbles. If you fail, you can add more detergent. As an option, instead of detergent use shampoo. To secure the composition must be put in the refrigerator for 12 hours. And that’s it, bubbles ready!

As a form for inflating bubbles, you can choose any items that will be found in the house. For example, cocktail tubes, badminton rackets, even their own palms folded in a certain way, or twist wire of any size as a circle or some interesting figure.

You can still make an interesting shape yourself, children will very much like it: the head of a plastic bottle is cut off, the round base is cut a circle of fabric, glued on superglue. Now such a design will allow blowing soap foam, from which you can build unthinkable figures. Children usually adore foam, but such entertainment is suitable only for outdoor recreation, when there is water nearby, so that you can wash your hands and put yourself in order. Many parents reject such a “wet” way of entertainment, but sometimes you can retreat from the rules, children will definitely be grateful for it.

With the help of bubbles, you can organize interesting contests, such as who bursts a bubble using only a little finger or knee, or ear, or heel, or nose. Or a contest for the biggest bubble, or who will blow out the most bubbles at a time. It’s also interesting to organize a soap disco when to fun music, dancing, inflating bubbles and shoveling them. Also depends on the fancy of guests. Of course, stores now offer a large selection of sets for blowing soap bubbles, but no one prevents experimenting, so jerk and create, show fantasy.

Soap bubbles will diversify your leisure time and give a good mood.

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