How to make antibacterial gel with your hands

You will need
  • – 250 ml ethyl alcohol 96%;
  • – 15 ml hydrogen peroxide 3%;
  • – 5 ml glycerol;
  • – 50 ml water;
  • – capacity for
  • – disposable syringe;
  • – measuring cup.

To begin with, select and prepare any suitable antiseptic tank. For example, it could be a small plastic bottle from body jelly or lotion. Either any pulverizer – they will also be convenient to use, springing off the contents of the skin of the hands. The container must be thoroughly rinsed with soap solution and treated with boiling water.


Then you need to dial glycerin from the jar with a disposable syringe as it is quite thick. Next, squeeze it into a previously prepared antiseptic tank. This is a very important component that should definitely be included in the formulation. Glycerin deeply moisturizes the skin and does not allow it to dry from the high alcohol content of the disinfectant gel.


Next it is necessary to measure 300 ml of ethyl alcohol in a measuring glass and add it to the remaining ingredients through a funnel for transfusion liquids. Alcohol can be chosen by a different percentage. The main thing is that it be from 60%, no less. Only in this case will the antiseptic really work efficiently and can be completely trusted.


Then you need to add the final component – 50 ml of boiled distilled water. It must be completely cold. Next – carefully whisk the finished antibacterial gel and leave it for one hour, so that the ingredients combine as well as possible.


Antibacterial gel, made according to this recipe, perfectly disinfects the skin of the hands and absolutely does not overdry it. However, it should be remembered that regular soap is the most effective hand wash, which should not be neglected. The best use case for antiseptic gel is the time we are out, with no access to water and soap. It is necessary to apply two to four drops of the sanitizer to one palm and distribute it carefully throughout the surface of the hands. Between all the fingers, on the back parts of the hands and even a little under the nails. Thus all the skin of the hands is sanitized.


It is very important to accurately observe the proportions of ingredients added to the composition. If alcohol is added less than indicated in the formulation, such an antiseptic will not disinfect the skin. And, on the contrary, if more – the hands will be dried, despite the presence of glycerol in the composition. It is also necessary to remember that if there are visible contaminants on the skin of the hands, then before applying the antibacterial gel it is necessary to clean the skin with wet wipes before applying the antibacterial gel. Be healthy!

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