How to make an annex to a house with your hands

Lack of living space is always felt by residents of the first floors, because most lack balconies and loggias. There are methods of solving, one of them being an annex to a house.

Officially it will be necessary to collect an uncounted number of permits and papers, to run around so many instances that you want to do something at all. And it is not only the copulation of the authorities, but also the observance of a large number of norms and regulations. From fire safety, to the aesthetic appearance of the annex.

In practice, many additions were erected informally, for which a fine is then paid to the State. But owners of illegal annexes don’t scare it, sometimes it comes out cheaper and easier. The main question is coordination of appearance of an extension with other residents of the house, neighbors will immediately send the complaint to higher instances. The conclusion of friendship with neighbors begs itself.

To begin with, it is necessary to settle the official aspect, and then start construction. The permission for the extension from the street is not issued, but the option of the structure from the yard is quite acceptable. Specialists will be required to prepare the project, the documentation will indicate the necessary materials.

It is possible to lay out of brick, but over time such an extension can begin to separate from the house – there are many such cases in practice. Therefore, it is better to choose a structure consisting of a metal frame and plating. For the durability and practicality of the extension, waterproofing roofing is important, reliably protecting the interior space of the structure.

Materials for plating take sandwich – panels, drywall, clapboard. Insulation will be required – foam or mineral wool is laid between the outer and inner layer of the plating. It is worth taking care of quality windows for the construction, their size is selected at the request of the customer.

Special attention should also be paid to heating additional space. If the annex is calculated as a loggia and does not provide for use in winter, you can not think about heating. But if plans to use the new structure in winter, a few additional steps should be taken.

First of all, it is necessary to insulate walls, floor and ceiling qualitatively. Do not neglect materials intended for wind, hydro, thermal insulation. Modern materials allow to solve this issue qualitatively.

The construction of even a small annex to your house should be approached with full responsibility. It should not only be useful to you personally, but not cause irritation to your neighbors.

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