How to make a compliment

Features of a proper compliment

The most important point to remember is that the compliment must be sincere and based on the real fact. For example, if you are talking to a new colleague who is given skills training with great difficulty, you don’t need to say that he is very quick to learn and easily memorize everything. It will sound more like a mockery. Find something a person can really be praised for.

Don’t focus on looks. Skills, character traits, style features, artistic taste, mind, professionalism – all this is also worth praise.


compliment should be short. Do not say too many words, confusing and weary your interlocutor. Optimal option is 1-2 short sentences. Also, it’s important that the compliment be clear and contain no ambiguities, otherwise you only risk spoiling the case by saying it.

Avoid familiarity, rudeness. Try to be correct. For example, noting the beauty of the girl, it is not necessary to make vulgar hints, call her “sususukaty” words. And finally, to make the compliment sound sincerely, speak him with a smile, looking into the eyes of the interlocutor. Otherwise it might sound like a duty phrase.

How to make a compliment effective

If you need to place a person who does not treat you too well, use the compliment-anti-compliment system. Everything is very simple: it is necessary to note the merits of the person, belittling their own and demonstrating the superiority of the interlocutor.

Again it is necessary to be based on facts. For example, if your colleague quickly and easily managed a project, mark the merits of the project by mentioning that you have never managed to achieve such success in such a short time.

Be observant and note the details. If you want to praise the beauty of a girl and mark her taste, instead of the general phrases “You look great” use other expressions: note that the jewelry is excellent for the dress, that hair or manicures made flawlessly and so on. The

smart interlocutor will gladly accept a compliment, which involves speculation. Such phrases are particularly graceful and effective as a person can supplement them at their discretion. For example, you can say to a woman: “I am sure that your husband is a very happy person”, making a compliment at the same time to her beauty, character, ability to behave – everything at her discretion.

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