How to make a chest in Minecraft


Chests in the world of Minecraft come in several kinds. The most conventional single can accommodate 27 different things or 1728 blocks. The chest can be placed as a block inside or outside the dwelling.


To make the chest, first get the tree and create boards from it. One chest will need 8 boards. Immediately stock more resources to make multiple objects.


Craft chest occurs as follows. On the workbench, place blocks of boards everywhere except the center. You can place 2 boards in each cell and get 2 chests. Regulate the amount of resources at your discretion.


Ready chest place on some surface. Make sure there’s a free space around, otherwise it might just not open up. The following blocks will not prevent the opening of the chest: torch, other chest, fence, bed, cupcakes, stairs, snow, glass, cactus, leaves, lava and water.


To create a large chest, you need to place two small ones next to level surface. It will have to store things 54 slots. It can fit 3456 blocks. Two large chests next to each other can’t be kept.


Chest trap is made no harder than usual. Small moment – it can’t be put near a normal chest. Place a regular chest in the center of the workbench, to the left of it – a tension sensor. You can put two traps next to each other.


To use the chest, you need to right-click on it mice. To carry items into the chest or out of the chest quickly, press the Shift button and poke at the items. With a left click, you can pick up all items. With a right click, you can raise half of the items. You can right-click one item from the pack when you hold it. You can close the chest with the Esc button.


Chests can be found in the world of Minecraft in Npc villages, in dungeons, abandoned mines, temples, thickets, fortresses and wilderness. You learned how to make a chest in Minecraft, and now the problem with the overabundance of things in the inventory has been solved.

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