How to make a book in Minecraft


In Minecraft the production chain for creating a book is not very long. For a start, you need to get some reeds and make a paper. The easiest thing to do is to do a cane farm near the house is not to look for this plant all over the map as it is quite rare. Three pieces of paper are created from three reed units exposed in a horizontal line on the workbench. For one book you will need just three sheets.


There is usually a need to create a large number of books, so make sure the cane you have enough. Now that you have the right amount of paper, you need to find a cow and better than two. Cows when destroyed give beef and skin in quantities from zero to two units.


You can find and lime a whole herd of cows, but consider that to create a pack of books that are used to impose enchantment or craft bookcases, you’d have to kill thirty to sixty cows. Therefore, it is more reasonable, using the leash that appeared in recent versions of Minecraft, to bring two or four cows to the house and make a cow farm by enclosing a small space with a wooden fence or creating a separate room.


To breed cows you will need wheat. With wheat in hand, you need to click on a couple of cows so that they start radiating hearts. Seconds after their contact, a calf will appear. Repeat the breeding procedure in five minutes, the calf grows into an adult person in a full game day.


Having provided themselves with enough cows, which also give milk, you won’t know the lack of skin. Now, to scruff the book, you need to open the workbench interface, fill the middle vertical line with paper, and put the skin on the right or left in the bottom slot.

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