How to lower air humidity in an apartment

What causes increased humidity in the room

 Before taking any action you need to find out the cause of the increased humidity. It can root both inside the apartment and depend on climatic conditions.

Frequent causes of high humidity:

– No natural ventilation. Most often, this problem occurs when the wooden windows are changed to a plastic low segment. Manufacturers of such windows try to save and do not supply the product with a special ventilation system. Due to full tightness, moisture has nowhere to go from the apartment and there is condensation on slopes and windows;

– poor ventilation traction. Perhaps the ventilation grille is clogged, then it should be removed and cleaned. If the grille is clean, but there is no traction, this problem can be solved only by the master;

– frequent washing and drying of laundry;

– the presence of an aquarium without a special cover, mini – fountain or waterfall. They are suitable exclusively for dry air rooms

– permanently delayed curtains or large flowers on the windowsill do not allow the sun to penetrate the apartment, which may increase


– low central heating during the cold season

– climatic features.

How to reduce humidity in the room

After the cause is identified, it should be eliminated. If the case is in windows without ventilation valves, it is definitely worth replacing them.

In the bathroom and in the kitchen, forced ventilation will help lower humidity. Many make the mistake of cutting a towel rail in the bathroom for aesthetics. The room does not have time to “dry” after every use of it. And raw air from the bath, when the door opens, penetrates the rooms.

It is mandatory to open windows for at least 15 — 20 minutes for ventilation of the room as often as possible.

If in the cold time the apartment does not warm up, it is worth thinking about changing radiators or building them up in advance.

In regions where due to climatic conditions constant high humidity, air dehumidifiers will be irreplaceable. Or installation of air conditioner with dry function. This mode will lower humidity in the room without lowering the temperature. Condensate will merge through a special hose to the street.

People’s means to reduce humidity in the room

Improve the microclimate can also be used by folk means. So, to remove condensate from windows, you need to take two liter cans and pour salt or sugar into them. Put on the window sill between flowers or corners.

To reduce humidity in the room, heated bricks will help. However, for this method, it is worth preparing the fire resistant surface in advance away from the quick-flammable objects. After 10 — 12 procedures for incandescent bricks, it should be thrown out. Since he loses his absorbing abilities.

Charcoal and coffee beans combined to help combat humidity. It is enough to buy inexpensive coal in the store, pour in a basket or wide capacity and put in a room. Serve coffee on small cups and place at corners. In addition to the fact that in coal and coffee will soak excess moisture, so will also disappear the smell of dampness.

People’s remedies will help in the fight against humidity. However, it is better not to delay in eliminating the true cause of increased humidity in the apartment.

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