How to lose weight with neuro-linguistic programming

Special effort does not require NLP methods. Correction of the figure to ideal and control of appetite provides knowledge of the body’s features and response to stimuli. The main advantage of the technique is its safety and versatility.

Without diets and workouts

Admission, even if it doesn’t work, the personality doesn’t hurt. Therefore, NLP is especially suitable for people weak characteristic

The most popular way is the method of self-hypnosis. At the heart of hypnotherapy is a change in thinking. Manipulation on the character of the individual does not affect, but leads to lifestyle changes through the introduction of useful settings.

Bottom line – a person does not overeat or starve, seeking to lose weight.


highlight visual, auditory and olfactory technologies.

  • Visual methods divide into:
  • “snowball”;
  • photography of food;
  • reading books.


When using the technique “Snowball” for 8 seconds, the person who wants to eat watches on the TV screen flicker, “white noise”. The feeling of anxiety that appears because of this eliminates the desire for a snack. From the object of desire as the habit develops, food turns into necessity.

Reducing appetite is promoted by the technique of food photography. Pre-photographed food is considered 10-15 minutes. Saturation psychological accelerates physiological.

Book reading techniques are based on attention switching. When a person is busy with another process, food is sidelined for him. Bottom line — food is eaten less than usual. At the heart of the technique is self-deception, the belief that the food process is not the most important. The repetition of the action is perceived by the subconscious as correct, overeating stops.

The effectiveness of the technique is determined by the root cause of the problem.


Uncontrolled consumption of food is often caused by incorrect habits, eating problems. Special techniques will help to cope with them.


smells not only cheat the appetite, but also give the setting to the rapid saturation.

Mint, vanilla and apple flavors are useful. They give the impression of a dense and delicious meal. The preponderance of such smells in the kitchen causes the desire to abandon dessert, as it is already superfluous.


use of auditory methods results in stable results. Tasteful pleasure is replaced by sonic. When a person wishes to eat, it is necessary to include appropriate music. When listening to soul, jazz or lyrical melodies, the hormone of happiness is produced, as in eating.

A competent selection of musical accompaniment will prevent overeating and excessive fascination with sweets.

The modern technique of NLP at its core contains manipulation and suggestion by means of simple techniques. The human brain is affected by itself to reduce the consumed food or refuse the sweet.

Long-term training for the application of neurolinguistic programming is not necessary. You can master all the techniques and realize them in life with the help of a self-taught teacher. The more practice, the better the control.

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