How to live with a sick person




most important thing is love for a person. As ill as he may be, continue to appreciate and respect him. You can always find something important and valuable. Look at the man who he is. Forget past situations, don’t plan for the future. Today it’s difficult to change something, try to just accept this situation, take action to make sure things improve.


Help a sick person with drugs. Let’s pill, take the injections in the sequence the doctor advised. Continuity of the course of treatment allows for better results. Also do not miss visits to the doctor, take tests in a timely manner. Many diseases can be cured if you don’t start their currents and follow recommendations.


If you change the situation, see your doctor immediately. Many illnesses can escalate. It is caused by internal or external factors. But during this period the consultation of a specialist is necessary, do not ignore such signs.


Create calm conditions for the person. Living without change is the perfect option. At the same time, there are no worries, experiences and depressions. Try not to dedicate loved one to your problems, do not share experiences, let you always think that everything is good.


Help keep the patient active. She can be anyone: help around the house, reading, classes for body and brain, charging. Any mobility promotes convalescence, but for each disease its permissible actions. Help the person, create conditions for communication and information.


Don’t forget about yourself. Living with sick people is difficult, time-consuming. But sometimes you need to take time to yourself. Identify a few hours a week that you leave for your own needs. That being said, you don’t need to do something, sometimes you can just sleep, watch a good movie or take a walk. After all, if you get sick, everyone will have much worse.

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