How to learn to fight


right approach to a fight

First of all, you need to understand that learning to fight in a short time is impossible. After all, you need to undergo psychological, physical and combat training. Without passing any of these stages, you are unlikely to get a good fighter.

Select the type of fight you want to do. For street fights (situations of open aggression outside the ring or hall), ju-do, boxing, kickboxing, combat karate or free-style wrestling is best suited. All these types of martial arts are good in that they are beaten truly and truly taught to leave from under the punch. Within these arts explain and show how to beat on pain points.

The secret in the complex approach

Choosing wrestling, adjust for a long learning process. Mastering the technique of combat, bringing the body into the right physical shape will take, at least, a couple of years. To build muscle mass, supplement the wrestling classes with all-physical training – exercises with a bar or dumbbell, running or swimming. Such occupations develop endurance and strength, speed up reaction and harden character. Both wrestling classes and physical training should be regular. It is very important to increase the load gradually. Ideally, you need to agree on general physical training classes with your wrestling coach. It will help to pick up the right rhythm of training, determine the correct level of load.

The undoubted plus of any serious club of single combats can be called an opportunity to fight with the live opponent. Without real, contact training, you can’t get practical skills. Books and theoretical courses will give you neither the experience nor the information you can obtain during the first contact sparring under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

Don’t be afraid to ask the coach questions that might seem silly to you. If you don’t understand something during your workout, be sure to clarify the details immediately. Unexpected gaps in combat technique or in theoretical knowledge can prove themselves on the worst side in critical situations.

A very important aspect of preparing for fights is the emotional mood. Most civilized people have a kind of psychological barrier in their heads that prevents them from hurting other people. One must learn to bypass this barrier in a situation of open threat, freeing the instinct of self-preservation. About methods of circumventing this barrier you are most likely to tell the trainer, and sparring with approximately equal opponents will help to get rid of fear of pain and combat.

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