How to keep warm in frost

You will need
  • warm water
  • pelvis
  • towel
  • socks cotton and wool gloves
  • warm and polyethylene
  • solution Alcohol
  • oil grape seed
  • black tea
  • coffee
  • milk
  • honey
  • lemon
  • red hot pepper
  • sugar
  • orange juice
  • red powder
  • wine

  • chocolate
  • carrot
  • apple
  • orange
  • cream
  • spices: cloves, cinnamon, white pepper, cardamom
  • ginger
  • raisin
  • starch

•Going into the room clean limbs with a dry cloth
•Place them in a pelvis with warm water 32-34 C, in 10 minutes bring water temperature up to 40-45 C

• When the pain that has arisen during heating will pass, fingers will cease to be blue color, dry wipe the limbs with a towel and wipe 33% with alcohol solution


• Put on cotton socks and gloves, and top woolen.


• Drink a warming drink, the simplest – tea with honey and lemon. But familiar tea can be turned into a real treat.
Spicy tea
For 6 cups – in 1 liter of water add 1 tsp cloves, cinnamon stick. Bring water with spices to the boil over low heat, add 2 tbsp black tea. Cover with a lid, let infirm 5 minutes, strain. 180 ml orange juice, 2 tsp lemon juice, 200 g sugar mix and bring to the boil, add to the tea.


Warming drinks may be the most different types: mulled wine, coffee, hot chocolate. Choose to your liking. Drink with friends, family and family, Nothing brings together a cold day like a cup of warming drink.

Ginger drink
2 tablespoons crushed ginger pour 500ml of boiling water, add 3-4 cloves, a pinch of ground cinnamon and 10 grains of cardamom, simmer for 10 minutes. Strain, add honey and lemon to taste.

Mulled wine
Heat a bottle of red dry wine, add 100g sugar, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, raisins. The main thing is not to let boil, the optimal cooking temperature is 80 degrees.

Mulled wine with fruit
Slices of apple, orange, lemon, a little cranberry pour wine so that only their bedspreads, stir. Add cinnamon, cloves, thyme, coriander, bergamot. Put on the heat and gradually, as you heat, add wine. When bubbles start to form near the edges of the pan, remove from the heat and pour into the glasses along with the fruit.


Coffee cocktail “Baklava”

Prepare coffee 600 ml, add to it 200ml hot milk, nut syrup or liquor, 4 tsp honey. Garnish with ground cinnamon and nuts.

Hot pepper thanks to its high content of vitamins strengthens immunity and helps to resist viruses. Also pepper protects against bacteria causing stomach ulcers. Also pepper is able to eliminate pain in muscles and joints.

Coffee with red pepper

Mix 2-3 tbsp ground coffee with a pinch of cloves, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, ½ tsp ground red pepper, add a few peas of white pepper, pour in 400ml water. While the coffee is brewed, heat the milk coconut or ordinary 1/2 cup, dissolve it 2 tbsp honey. Add the milk to the finished coffee.


Total 6g of chocolate a day reduces the risk of hypertension by 39% and are a good means of preventing heart attack and stroke. Toebromine contained in chocolate prevents the development of cancer and arthritis and helps with coughing.

Thick hot chocolate
In a glass of milk, dissolve 3 tbsp starch. 3 cups of milk heat, melt in it 200g of bitter chocolate, mix with 2 tbsp sugar add milk with starch and stir thoroughly. You can add 40 g of brandy, heat until thickened, do not boil.


• In the cold season, special winter care is required for the skin, which will help reduce the negative effects of winter: dryness of the skin, its irritability and loss of elasticity

bath with grape oil for hands

Due to the cold, the vessels constricted and blood circulates poorly. To warm and nourish your hands, warm the grape seed oil on the water bath, sold in the pharmacy. Immerse your hands in it for 20 minutes. Then put on polyethylene gloves, top with a terry towel – for another 20 minutes. After removing the oil residue with a napkin.

Make 1-2 times a week moisturizing masks, for example, carrot-apple with cream or sour cream will improve the nutrition and elasticity of the skin.

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