How to just make a phone screen recording?

AZ Screen Recorder


 presence of the screen recording function depends not on the operating system, but on the phone model. Even if you install the latest version of Android, if the device is, for example, Honor, the desired module on it will still not appear even after the update.

AZ Screen Recorder is a program that perfectly performs its function of recording the screen of the phone. The app retains good quality video recording, thanks to its convenient interface it is very easy to start shooting gameplay of mobile games or reviews of other programs. A separate folder is created where all finished materials will be saved.

In the program itself it is possible to adjust the video taken. If the ‚ÄúStart Write‚ÄĚ widget is included in the frame, it can be cut, or trimmed the moment of hit itself. It is even possible to convert a record to a GIF or another format.

The video editor, by the way, can be downloaded separately in Google Play for absolutely free.

AZ Screen Recorder itself can be installed either from the developer’s website or found on Google Play.


This program has gained tremendous popularity because of its availability and ease of use. It has been downloaded by more than 100 million users. To start recording, you only need to click on the app icon, and after the widget appears click on ‚ÄúStart Write‚ÄĚ.

Mobizen allows you to record together with a face camera, as well as allows the user to edit videos – trim, add audio to the background, increase the sound or vice versa make it quieter.

The problem of this program is that because of heavy codecs, the source video is not in the best quality. Here you can encounter image spikes, low frame rates and other problems. Also below in the video will be the introductory sign ‚ÄúRecorder by Mobizen‚ÄĚ, which can be removed only after buying the full version of the application.

Super Screen Recorder

Another handy app, like the ones listed above, does not require Root right and does well with the task of recording a mobile phone screen. It has a very user-friendly interface. You need to start recording in the same way through the widget that appears on the screen after clicking on the app icon.

Unlike the Mobizen program, Super Screen Recorder does not leave introductory signs on recorded videos of its users. There are no restrictions on shooting time here as well – everything will depend only on the space of memory of the device. There are also tools for editing the resulting videos and images.

You can download the program in Google Play absolutely free.

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