How to install oven


Install the furnace next to the structural wall. Such a neighborhood will allow to securely secure the chimney coming from the furnace without the risk of the structure collapsing or deforming. The bearing wall is strong enough to withstand the additional load that may be unsustainable for other walls of the house. In addition, when installing a chimney, there may be problems with a roof that has a non-standard shape — take this into account when choosing a place for the furnace.


Choose a place for the furnace closer to the front door so that combustible materials that are used as fuel do not have to be worn whenever through the whole house. Doing this is necessary not so much for convenience, but for ensuring your safety – this location of the furnace will reduce the fire hazard.


Take care that any of the furnace walls can be easily reached without dismantling the entire structure. This will allow not only to periodically clean the surface of the furnace from dirt, but also to repair it if necessary.


Choose the best place to install the furnace. If only one room needs to be heated, the choice of place plays a less important role. But when heating two rooms at once, the correct location of the furnace can significantly affect the efficiency and economy of its operation – it is best in this case to install it near the common for both rooms of the wall.


Ensure thermal insulation of walls, especially if they are made of flammable materials such as wood. You can do this with ceramic tiles. Cover it a section of the floor under the stove, doing so with a small margin, and the same section of the wall near which it is installed.


Install the heating furnace not close to the wall, but at a short distance – it must be at least 15 cm. This will help to increase the heat dissipation of the furnace, so that the heating of the house to the desired temperature will take less fuel.

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