How to give name to organization


Focus on future customers when developing the name of the firm. It is necessary to consider the age category of the target audience, its needs, interests. For example, when opening an Internet cafe, you can use fashionable and popular among young people words in the name, and the company selling auto parts should have a name associated with the automotive world. A company designed for middle and older people should have a presentable, credible name.


Do not make typical mistakes when choosing a name, which subsequently often negatively affect the company’s further development. For example, avoid too simple and perplexing names, such as in the form of your name or the name of any relative, do not use words with bright expressive coloration. If the name “Roman”, “Ulyana”, etc., there is a high probability that customers simply won’t remember it and will be confused with other businesses.


You can use your surname and initials in the name, but only if you have registered a company as a private entrepreneur — PE “Ivanov V.A.”, etc. Choosing too expressive name, for example, LLC “Stulchak” for a plumbing shop, you risk simply losing customers who will bypass similar company party.


Try that the name necessarily reflects the activities of the company. If you sell unique products or use new methods of specifying services, please specify this, for example, shop “Bride’s Flowers” etc. Do not include more than 3 words in the name of the organization, otherwise customers won’t be able to remember it.


Be careful when using foreign words. Make sure the correct spelling of the phrase, correctness of its use. Don’t conflate English words with Russian ones. If the chosen word or phrase is complex in pronunciation, it is possible to write it in Russian.

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