How to get to the International Nettle Fest


Drive along the federal highway M2 “Crimea” if you are going to the Nettle Festival by car. Turn right on the sign to the city of Odoev at the 210 kilometer. Having traveled 40 kilometers, you will get to the village of Krapivna of the Shchekinsky district.


If you decide to get to the Nettle Festival by public transport, go to Tula by train, bus or shuttle taxi. Tula has a direct connection to 63 cities in Russia.


From Moscow to Tula you can come by train from Kursky Station or from Tsaritsyno Station, which is located on the way electric trains. The train follows in the Kursk direction. Tula can also be reached by passing trains. Estimated travel time – from 2.5 to 3 hours Please specify the time of departure on the date you need by reference phone of Kursky Station – (495) 916-20-03.


You can also leave for Tula by bus, travel time is 2-2.5 hours. Buses from Moscow to Tula go from metro stations “Domodedovskaya”, share taxis – from metro station “Tsaritsyno”. Telephone of reference service of the bus station “Domodedovskaya” – (495) 397-06-00.


Arriving in Tula by rail, go to the bus station of the city with trolleybuses â„–5 or 8, share taxi number 37 and some others, time the journey through the city will take about 20-30 minutes.


Transmission at Tula bus station to the bus “Tula Odoyev”. Your final stop is “Nettle”, travel time is 40-50 minutes. From the city of Tula to Krapivna and back to the days of the festival can be reached by shuttle taxis, the flights of which are provided by the organizers. Telephone of the reference office of Tula bus station – (4872) 35-56-50.


International Festival in Krapivna takes place over two days. The concert program includes performances of musical, dance and theater groups that take place in the open air, traditionally held “speckled fights” and “baptism” with nettle, shooting from bow, sword battle and more. This fun celebration of Life and Renaissance is a notable cultural event in Krapivna, which contributes to the growth of tourist attractiveness of the village.

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