How to get to Sverdlovsk




fastest way to get to Yekaterinburg is by plane. Koltsovo Airport serves a large number of airlines that make direct flights to cities in Europe and Asia. From Moscow, the flight takes about 2 hours, from St. Petersburg — 2 hours 30 minutes. The airport is 25 km from the city center. To find out your flight schedules, go to the airport’s official website and select the destination you want to fly from, and then select a search for the flights you need. Airline tickets can be booked directly on the website.


The second way to get to the city is by train. The city has built the largest railway junction in the Urals, located on the Trans-Siberian highway. A large number of railway lines pass through the city, which makes it possible to reach it as well as almost any corner of the country. From Moscow the train goes about 27 hours, from St. Petersburg — about 34 hours. The station schedule and current flights can be viewed on the official website, where tickets can also be purchased.


You can get to Yekaterinburg by bus. There are two bus stations in the city, serving a large number of commuter and intercity services. Bus timetables can be found at the station where you are going to travel to the city. The road from Moscow to Yekaterinburg takes approximately 30 hours by car. The distance between the two cities is about 2000 kilometers.

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