How to get a qiwi walle


Go to the official website of the payment system and click on the “Register” button at the top of the screen.


On the “Registration of a new user” page, fill out the necessary forms by specifying your mobile phone and automatically generated code, then click the “Register” button.


The specified phone number will receive a notification with the activation code of the account. Enter the resulting code on the confirmation page. Also, this code will be used for further access to the account in the system, payment transactions and access to the personal account using the Qiwi terminal.


To sign in to your account, enter your phone number and password received by SMS.


To register with the payment system using the terminal, click the “QIWI Wallet” tab. In the form that appears on the screen, enter your phone number. Wait for an SMS message with a login code that you can use to access your personal account both in the terminal and on the website of the payment system.


You can refill your wallet with the help of a terminal, money transfer from a bank card or via SMS. There is also a possibility to replenish the account in communication salons.


Cash withdrawals are carried out in cash through Unistream, Contact, Visa Personal Payments, Anelik, Private Money and MasterCard MoneySend systems. Money can be received at offices and cash issuance points of the listed systems. Withdrawal of money to bank accounts and cards of almost all banks in Russia is also supported.

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