How to flash a journal

You will need
  • – needle;
  • – shiloh;
  • – thick white thread;
  • – paper;
  • – glue;
  • – scissors;
  • – fountain pen.

Start stitching the log by piercing two holes with a chisel near the seam. The holes must be so close to the seam that the thread does not interfere with opening the log. What pages to flash depends on whether the last page of the journal itself (not the cover) contains a form for contributing information. If there is one, puncture all pages except the last page of the cover. If it’s not there, puncture the entire magazine, including the last page of the cover. The front page of the cover needs to be punctured anyway. The distance between the holes should be about two centimeters.


If there is no form for entering information on the last page of the journal (not the cover), write information about the journal (which is what, you will be informed by the of your organization) by the pen on the last page of the cover. If there is a form, enter this information into it. Put a date. The person responsible for storing the magazine must also be signed in the form.


Insert the thread into the needle, then stretch it first through one hole from the last page of the magazine or cover (depending on the of where the form is) to the front page of the cover and then through the second hole – back. On the last page of the magazine or cover, tighten the thread with a node. Cut it so that after the knot there are approximately identical ends of the thread a few centimeters long.


Cut a square from the paper with a side of approximately two centimeters. Label it so that it doesn’t light up either shape or other information by closing both threads to them. The threads going to the knot and the loose ends should look outward. Now square the stamp required by the management of the organization, so that part of it is squared and part of it is on the page itself outside that square. Now the magazine is ready to use.

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