How to fight dependency


Realize that it’s time to part with your pernicious habits. Write on the sheet all the problems that addiction brings you — deterioration of relations with relatives, lack of money, various related diseases that can occur. You have to be convincing enough to move yourself to change.


Decide once and for all to say goodbye to addiction. Remove games from your computer, give neighborhood kids candy you liked to treat overnight, remove contacts of the object of your senses that does not reciprocate you, throw away a pack of cigarettes.


No wonder if periodically you want to return to your old habit, because it was so dear to you. Try to avoid situations in which you might have a similar temptation. For example, craving for many addictions increases during stress. A person can unsterpimically want to smoke, comfort himself with a couple of cakes, urgently buy new clothes in the store. Try not to be nervous – do not meet people who cause you unpleasant emotions, for a while avoid taking on new projects and making risky deals.


Awarding yourself for successfully fighting addiction. You can promise yourself that if you can adhere to a healthy lifestyle during the week, then go to the spa where you have long wanted, but spared money for treatments. The main thing is to keep your word in front of yourself.


Sometimes it is hard for a man to fight his addiction on his own. But you can at the same time not be alone, there are experts who will help you. Try working with a psychologist who is able to find out the causes of your problem and with you find the best way to solve it. In severe situations, doctors are connected to the fight against addiction, who achieve cure already with the help of medical drugs.

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