How to fight caterpills


Try to get rid of pests mechanically. In this case, the caterpillars are assembled by hand. Insects need moisture, so it is possible to prepare traps in advance by placing leaves of burdock or cabbage dipped in fruit juice or beer between the mud. This will turn out a cool and raw caterpillar feeder. In the afternoon, pests will start filling into the harvested trap. Collect them and then destroy them in a soap or saline solution.


Use superphosphate as a protection against pests. Bulk it in three bands around the plants, about 15 centimeters from the stems. This drug will absorb life-giving moisture from the surface of the earth and plants, as well as bodies of caterpillars, leading to their gradual extinction. The significant disadvantage of the method is that the procedure will have to be repeated again after rain. Also, the process of watering plants will become somewhat complicated.


Turn to the ecological method of pest control. Try to attract their natural enemies, such as hedgehogs, starlings, wagtails, sap and thrushes. A small body of water can be constructed to attract toads, feeders and birdhouses for birds, treats in the form of feed or milk for hedgehogs. But comply with the measure: once the problem of caterpillars is solved, it is better to immediately limit the stay of animals feeding on them on the site, otherwise they will take care of your seedling.


Treat the plants using chemicals. Metaldehyde is usually used. Be extremely careful as chemical drugs are able to do irreparable harm to humans and pets. Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating from a chemical-treated site. Also fend off the treated area so that pets and other people don’t come in there.

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