How to Fight Alcoholism




first step to eradicate alcoholism in an individual should be their own awareness of the problem. A person needs to understand what is doing wrong and humming their health due to excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. Also, the influence on the alcoholic should be his close people, who have to burn a lot of grief while they tolerate similar behavior.


The key to preventing a person from drinking in conversation with them is the right motivation. Some of them gradually begin to act threats of the husband or wife to divorce, the chief at work can threaten dismissal, and the district police officer – prosecution for permanent brawler. Other people respond only to calm arguments, willingly allow themselves to feel sorry and only so suppress in themselves the desire to drink.


Very often a person starts drinking if in his life there is a series of problems — in the family, at work, financially, etc. people should help such a person cope with difficulties, and then the cause of drunkenness may disappear. As a last resort, it is possible to go to specialized medical facilities offering special therapy for alcoholics.


Drunkenness in a city, country and around the world is fought by resorting to various public measures. For example, since recently in Russia do not sell alcohol after 23:00 hours, drinks are expensive in price, start to be sold only in specialized stores, etc. campaigns through the media. In addition, scientists around the world are conducting research to better understand the nature of alcoholism-prone people and help them cope with the ailment. There is an assumption that alcoholics will be treated with special medicines in the near future.

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