How to extract maximum use from quarantine

Culinary masterpieces

 In the conditions of self-isolation, catfish has moved to free food delivery. The temptation is great to order rolls, pizzas and burgers every day. So many did, living in eternal ceitnot. Change your habits. Self-isolation is a great opportunity to learn how to prepare dishes that always lacked strength and time. Enjoy yourself and loved ones with Spanish omelette, real Ukrainian borscht or swoop on the fish under the salt board. Perhaps once self-isolation is completed, they will become your signature dishes, and the story of what time you learned to make them is a family legend.

 Physical activity

It has been proven that sports improve not only health, but also mood. A self-isolation regime should not be turned into a hospital. Don’t get laid long in bed. Even if there is no possibility to go outside, a simple warm-up can be done in the room in front of the open window or on the balcony. Motor activity contributes to the training of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, the increase of endurance, the production of hormones of happiness and pleasure, the adjustment to an optimistic fret.

For more effective lessons, find video tutorials of famous trainers on the Internet. If desired, you can even learn exotic poses from yoga.

Soul Food

Numerous talk shows, YouTube videos and TV series often leave behind a sense of emptiness and regret about aimlessly spent time. Even if on self-isolation you have already looked at all the masterpieces of world cinema, you have the opportunity to invest in yourself.

During the quarantine period, the world’s most famous cultural sites deployed their activities on the Internet. Theatres organize free broadcasts of their productions, museums conduct virtual tours. You have a unique opportunity to see the performances of the Vienna Opera, the Metropolitan Opera and the Bolshoi Theatre, where in ordinary life is unrealistic. During the virtual tour you will be able to thoroughly see the masterpieces of the Louvre, Tretyakovka, the Hermitage, the British Museum, the Uffizi Gallery, etc. To do this, you just need to go to the official sites of theaters and museums.

Leading publishing houses didn’t stand aside either and made free access to millions of books, magazines and newspapers. Eminent universities put out videos of lectures on a wide variety of subjects. Perhaps in the future you will need new knowledge in life. Eventually, they can shine in conversation with friends.

Of course, all this is eager to see firsthand. But, consider how much time and money it would take. Self-isolation will allow you to make a world tour for free.

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