How to drive without break


It is

very difficult to drive home or to work during peak hours. To get quickly and without traffic, it is better to transfer to public transport. Metro, albeit crowded, is sometimes the only way to arrive on time.


If there is no desire to jostle in subway cars, ask management to change the schedule. Check out before the morning traffic jams start – at five or six o’clock. And come back before the evening – until eighteen-nineteen o’clock. Or vice versa, move the start of the business day to noon and the end to closer to midnight. Such permutations can easily be afforded by those whose specialty does not require an office presence at certain times of day. For example, web designers, programmers, copywriters, etc.


Purchase a navigator with access to the Internet. It will analyze traffic, prompting detour paths. In addition, you will be able to know in advance where the road is being repaired, where new signs are installed, turns canceled, etc. All this will help to save travel time and pass traffic jams.


If your job is not far from home, reach it by bike, scooter, motorcycle. Cyclists’ paths have already appeared in some major cities, making their lives much easier. The scooter and motorcycle are more manoeuvrable in traffic, this allows them to easily overtake cars that are forced to drive slowly or stand. But the bike is only suitable for the southern regions of Russia. Mid-strip and northern residents can only afford this two-wheeled transport during the summer.

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