How to download foreign magazines free


Check the official website of the journal for free electronic versions of the numbers. Many major publishers post electronic copies of their issues free of charge on their resources so that users who do not have access to the printed version can easily download the number they are interested in for familiarization. And if new issues are posted usually with delay and after publication in print, then archives with previous issues of the magazine can almost always be found on the official online resource.


On the Internet there are a large number of websites offering free download copies of certain magazines in electronic formats pdf and djvu. It is worth noting that often these copies have low quality, but retain their readability. To search for resources with free logs, use any search engine (Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.) by entering a “download log free” request. Among the most popular resources are Kodges and 2journals.


A large number of free magazines are posted on torrent trackers. As a rule, entire archives and large collections are laid out, and therefore find and download a single number of the desired edition can be problematic. Go to any popular torrent tracker, search using the search form and download the desired magazine. Open the resulting file using µTorrent and in the list that appears, select the items with the desired releases, then press Enter.


Special programs have been developed for mobile devices to search, download and read magazines. In iOS and Android device app stores, there are a large number of programs from major publishers offering electronic copies of their editions to owners of modern mobile devices. To find the program you want, go to the app store and enter the name of the release you want.

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