How to do roof

You will need
  • – wooden bars;
  • – boards;
  • – roofing material;
  • – metal corners;
  • – metal staples;
  • – other fasteners (nails, self-cutters);
  • – set of carpentry tools.

Check out the pitched roof device. Typically, it includes a mauerlate, rafter system, skate bar and cradle. On top of the entire structure, the roofing material you choose is attached.


On the perimeter of the built walls of the structure lay the mauerlate — wooden bars, to which the rafters are attached. Usually the bars are connected together by metal corners or steel staples.


Erect the rafters structure. When mounting a pitched roof, rafters are very often released outside the cutting wall, making a kind of overhang of the roof. This helps protect the walls of the building from moisture rolling off the roof. Collect rafters directly on the roof. As a result, you should have a holistic system consisting of rafters legs, struts and bollards. Each individual rafters farm is attached to the mauerlate.


Connect the individual rafters sections with top skate bar, then proceed to install the strap. It is easiest to assemble a cradle from boards, typed “in a blip” or in a solid manner. Remnants of the bark are removed from the boards and then nailed them to the outer surface of the rafters with nails. If you make the cradle solid, it is necessary to sharpen the boards so that they are more closely adjacent to the other.

5 On

top of the cradle, put the roofing material. A wide range of coatings is used in modern individual construction. It can be sheet iron, slate, plain shingles, or its metallised base counterparts. Each type of material during installation has its own features.


By attaching sheets of roofing material to the roof structure, use special fastening self-cutters equipped with rubberized gasket. This will avoid flowing under the coating of water.


When furnishing the roof, remember that it will have to bear a serious load during snowfall or bad weather. All elements of the roof shall be carefully fitted to each other and securely attached to the cradle in the manner recommended by the manufacturer.

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