How to do a bunny hop

You’ll need
  • – mountain bike;
  • – helmet and safety gear cyclist.

Take care of your safety before starting training. When jumping in a mountain bike, you can get a serious injury. Make sure your bike is fixed. Be sure to wear a helmet, bike gloves, capes and knee pads. Of course, embarking on training should be by performing a jump over an imaginary obstacle.


Accept the starting position for the jump. Once dispersed, move forward. Keep your feet on the pedals, but don’t spin them.


Before jumping slightly back forward, carrying body weight to the front wheel. There are no specific recommendations on when to start the jump. As a rule, the higher the obstacle, the earlier it is necessary to go on a bunny hop. However, much depends on the cyclist’s weight, acceleration speed, bike model and individual jump technique.


Perform a jerk on the jump. Move the weight back by pulling the steering wheel to the torso. To do this, straighten up the whole body sharply. Simultaneously straighten your legs. This movement is in many ways like a normal jump. Lock the wheels by pressing the pedals in the back direction. The height of the bunny hop depends on the strength of the jerk.


When the bike comes off the ground, start bending your knees. Don’t let the steering go down, keep pulling it on yourself. The harder you sap your knees, the higher the front wheel will rise.


Land without releasing the brakes, otherwise you will not escape the fall. Your position at the time of landing should be as follows: legs bent as possible, arms straight, body pulled back along the bike. You’re almost sitting on the back wheel.


In the classic version of the bunny hop landing follows on the rear wheel. After touching the ground, still hold the brakes. Ease your feet in the pedals evenly. Hold the steering wheel by bending your hands in your elbows at a 90 degree angle. For a while, keep your balance by making small jumps on the rear wheel. Then lower the bike and keep going.

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